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Hepsia's Demo Login Functionality

Hepsia's Demo Login Functionality

We have been in the web hosting business for quite some time now and something we have never liked are the demo versions of other Control Panel tools - they always offer a limited functionality and most of the menus are disabled. They can hardly be called “demos”, since they don't allow the users to test the Control Panel in any way - you can just see how it will look like.

Hepsia’s “Try-Before-You-Buy” Functionality

“Try before you buy” is a new approach we are taking with the Hepsia Control Panel. It represents a demo version of the Control Panel, but at the same time all the menus and options are completely functional - a customer can do anything, as if the Control Panel was in live mode rather than in trial mode. The only limitation is that all the changes he’s made are deleted after he logs out or after his session expires.

Faster Hepsia Control Panel

This functionality is available with all free hosting reseller accounts - simply type in your store name, followed by “” and you will be taken to the CP demo page.

The Live Demo Auto-Login Functionality

If you are building a custom reseller website, you can also offer your customers an auto-login demo account - once the user clicks on the demo link, he is taken to the demo Control Panel, no other action is required. This approach works very well with banners and images. To enable auto login, simply add “/?auto_login=true” to the end of the link.

Build your demo links, using auto-login


Control Panel Branding

The demo version of the Control Panel will use all the branding settings you have specified in the Reseller Control Panel. This means that if you have selected a custom logo, text or background for the Control Panel, they will also be shown in the demo.

This way, you can also test how your logo or custom background will be seen by potential customers.

Control Panel Branding
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