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A New Control Panel Login Form

A New Control Panel Login Form

Something a web hosting customer sees prior to actually logging into the Control Panel is the Control Panel login form. Our previous customer login form was quite simple and people were often unsure if they were at the right place. This is why we have built a brand new login form to fit into the new Control Panel.

An Improved Login Form

The new login form features a completely different color set. We have introduced a white login form against a black background - this way customers are more focused on the login area, as it stands out on the black background.

Another addition is the option to choose in which Control Panel to log in - into our new one, or into the old one. This way, customers who prefer the old style of their CP can continue using it.

Also, customers can take a video tour of our new Control Panel using the video link below the login form.

Check out our improved log-in form:


A New Lost Password Page

The new “Lost Password” page follows the login form theme - a white form on a black background.

The functionality remains the same - users can type in their account username and email and we will send them their account's password.

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