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The Semi Dedicated 2 server

Reselling the Semi Dedicated 2 package can take your business to the next level. Offered at $25.00/mo, it boasts Unlimited disk space, traffic and e-mail quotas and entitles you to 2 CPU cores. You get up to Unlimited MySQL databases, Unlimited of database storage and can make up to 130000/hour MySQL queries.

Reselling our Semi Dedicated 2 package is now easier than ever. You just need to join our free reseller hosting program. It allows anyone to sell semi-dedicated server packages without the need for them to be bought first. There are no startup fees and no reseller charges and ResellersPanel will provide a 24/7 customer support service on your behalf to all your clients.

Key Plan Features

2 CPU Core(s)

2 CPU Core(s) »

Host any multimedia site with the Semi-dedicated 2 server package. You will get ample CPU usage quotas, which will give you all the horsepower that your demanding sites need.

130000/hour MySQL Queries

130000/hour MySQL Queries »

With 130000/hour MySQL queries, you can run the site you have always dreamt of. The Semi-dedicated 2 server package will give you all the resources that it needs in order to grow freely.

Free SSH Access

Free SSH Access »

Take website management to a whole new level. With the Semi-dedicated 2 package, you will have free SSH access to your server from anywhere, without having to deal with any graphical interfaces.

Memcached, Varnish, Node.js

Memcached, Varnish, Node.js »

Your website will run faster than ever on our Semi-dedicated 2 server. Make the most of our collection of website accelerators and use the power of RAM caching to your advantage. Studies show that you can boost your site’s loading speed by as much as 300%.

Free VPN Access (50 GB)

Free VPN Access (50 GB) »

Remain anonymous when browsing the web. We give you 50 GB of free monthly VPN traffic with each Semi-dedicated 2 server. We also provide ad filtering and image caching options to further reduce your monthly bandwidth consumption.

1 Free Dedicated IP Address

1 Free Dedicated IP Address »

Give your website its own unique address on the web. With each Semi-dedicated 2 server, you will get a free dedicated IP. This will not only help you stand out from the crowd, but it will be essential if you want to set up an SSL certificate for your site.

Semi Dedicated 2
Disk Space Unlimited
Monthly Traffic Unlimited
Hosted Domain(s) Unlimited
CPU Core(s) 2
99.9% Network Uptime OK
No Set-up Fees OK
Up Show all features
FREE Website Templates OK
1-Click Apps Installer OK
Online Website Builder OK
VPN Traffic 50 GB
Shared SSL IPs OK
Browsable Daily Backups OK
Dropbox Backups OK
Website Migration OK
Multiple Data Centers OK
SSD Data Caching OK
ZFS Storage OK
ModSecurity Firewall OK
Varnish OK
Varnish Memory 64 MB
Memcached OK
Memcached Memory 64 MB
Redis OK
Redis Memory 64 MB
Website Accelerators OK
Node.js OK
InnoDB Storage Engine OK
Domains Registration / Transfer $12.50 for 1 year
Subdomains Unlimited
Parked Domains Unlimited
Full DNS Management OK
Custom MX and A records OK
CNAME Records OK
NS Records OK
SRV Records OK
AAAA Records OK
TXT Records OK
Full WHOIS Management OK
Registrar Lock OK
EPP Transfer Protection OK
Whois Privacy Protection Optional
Feature-rich Domain Manager OK
Domain Backorders OK
E-mail Accounts Unlimited
SMTP Server OK
Webmail - RoundCube OK
E-mail Forwarding OK
Auto-responder E-mails OK
Catch-all E-mails OK
Mailing Lists Unlimited
Mailing List Members Unlimited
SPAM Filters OK
DomainKeys Identified Mail OK
SPF Protection OK
Anti-Virus Protection OK
Advanced E-mail Manager OK
ModSecurity Firewall OK
Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates OK
Self-signed SSL Certificates OK
JailHost OK
IP Blocking OK
Hotlink Protection OK
Password Protected Directories OK
24/7 Customer Support OK
Phone Support OK
Live Chat Support OK
Video Tutorials OK
Extensive Online Documentation OK
Integrated Ticketing System OK
1-hour Ticket / E-mail Response OK
PHP4, PHP5 and PHP7 Support OK
MySQL v.5 Databases Unlimited
MySQL Database Storage Unlimited
MySQL Queries 130000/hour
Perl Scripting OK
PostgreSQL v9.2 Databases Unlimited
PostgreSQL Databases Storage Unlimited
Python OK
Over 3400 Perl modules OK
Version Control (Git, SVN) OK
ImageMagick & GD Library OK
Zend Optimizer OK
IonCube OK
Microsoft FrontPage Extensions OK
Dreamweaver Compatible OK
Server Side Includes (SSI) OK
Cron Jobs Unlimited
SSL Certificate Generator OK
Dedicated IP Address 1
Openads OK
phpList OK
b2evolution OK
Movable Type OK
Textpattern OK
WordPress OK
Maian Events OK
Classifieds OK
Drupal OK
fuzzylime (cms) OK
Geeklog OK
Joomla OK
Mambo OK
Moodle OK
Nucleus OK
Open Realty OK
php-fusion OK
phpWebSite OK
WebSiteBaker OK
Xoops OK
Help Center Live OK
PHPTickets OK
phpBB2 OK
Simple Machines Forum OK
OS Commerce OK
OS CommRes OK
DOTproject OK
PHProject OK
Mjguest OK
4images Gallery OK
Coppermine OK
Gallery2 OK
Plogger OK
PhpCoin OK
phpFormGenerator OK
DokuWiki OK
Multilingual Control Panel OK
SSH/Telnet OK
Web-based SSH OK
FTP Accounts Unlimited
FTP Manager OK
File Manager OK
Custom Error Pages OK
.htaccess Generator OK
URL Redirector OK
Website Manager OK
Guest Users 30
Web / FTP Statistics OK
Access Log Manager OK
Error Log Viewer OK
MySQL / Load Stats OK
24-core servers w/ 64gb RAM OK
Stable Linux with Apache OK
10 Gbits Network Connectivity OK
Daily Backups OK
UPS & diesel back-up generator OK
Monthly Price $25.00/mo
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