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How To Become a Dedicated Hosting Reseller

Video Duration 1:54 min

Learn how you can sell dedicated servers without having to purchase them first.

With ResellersPanel's free reseller hosting program you get all the resources you need to become a dedicated servers reseller.

You will not have to make any financial investments, you don't need to be an expert in server administration or posses any special dedicated hosting skills.

Just sign up with ResellersPanel and become a member of our Free Reseller Program.

You can work from home and be your own boss with a web hosting company of your own.

You will also be able to sell dedicated servers without ever having to purchase them first.

Just set your own retail price on top of our wholesale dedicated hosting price. The difference between the two prices will be your profit whenever you make a sale.

At ResellersPanel, we make it really easy for you.

You can sell cheap dedicated servers, virtual private servers, semi-dedicated hosting packages, cloud web hosting accounts and domain names.

To sell them, you can use our turn-key Store Master template. You can also sell them on your very own custom site using our remote forms and the Reseller API functionality.

Join ResellersPanel today, there are no setup fees and no reseller charges.

You can make money from home and be your own boss, with

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