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.AT Domain Name Reseller

Video Duration 1:38 min

First launch in 1988 .AT is not a new TLD. It was created for the small European country of Austria.

However despite its age, there are still many very good and possibly very profitable domain available.

Because there are no restriction on who can register a .AT TLD business, individuals or charities can benefit from this very underused TLD.

It will help you combine regional significance with global recognition for better marketing results.

There are still many attractive .AT domain names available for registration, which could become high return investments if registered and sold at a later time.

Currently, the .AT TLD can be registered for 1 year at a time. But does offer a fully-featured Domain Manager, including custom DNS, domain parking, multi-year registration, etc

ResellersPanel offers .AT at a wholesale price for you to resell or to use for your own site needs.

You make money from the difference between the wholesale price of each domain sold and the retail price that you set yourself.

There are no reselling or billing fees, so the profit you make from each sale is the money we pay you, and you can add more than 50 other generic TLDs (gTLDs) and country-code TLDs (ccTLDs) to your domains reseller store.

This gives you a great opportunity to start your own domain registration and hosting business absolutely risk-free.

You can resell domains separately, through the Domain Manager plan, or with various hosting packages - cloud web hosting plans, semi-dedicated hosting plans, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers.

ResellersPanel should be your first choice for registering and making money with a .AT domain.

So sign up today and become a .AT domain name reseller for free.

Resell .AT domains without any deposits and secure the domains you want before someone else does.

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