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Country-code Domains

Video Duration 1:48 min

Using a country-code domain can have a big impact, regarding the interest of your site with in a local market.

Using the right local language for your site contents, can also produce better marketing results.

Many businesses today prefer to use local domain names over the popular universal extensions.

ResellersPanel, an ICANN-accredited registrar & web hosting provider, with us you can offer registration and hosting services for country-code and generic domains to your customers, and make money from each sale.

You can choose from a variety of local domain extensions from the popular .US, .CO.UK, .COM.AU to the less common domains like /WS, .NU, .BE, and many more.

Through our fully-automated system, your customers can search for the domain they want and register or transfer it over to us.

We also provide the billing service, cover all payment charges and help your customer with domain registration advice or or customer support.

All you will need to do is select which exact domain extensions you want to offer, set their custom domains pricing and local currency, and create a custom a layout for your store with our turn-key templates.

You can offer your domain names in combination with cloud web hosting plans, virtual private servers, semi-dedicated servers, dedicated servers and other separate upgrades.

ResellersPanel offers you a comprehensive range of products for you to use and resell.

Join us today, make money from home and offer an impressive choice of TLD's and products and services, with

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