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Domain Names Search Guide

Video Duration 1:59 min

Getting a new domain names with ResellersPanel is quick, easy and very low cost.

We are an ICANN accredited registrar; this saves you money because you get your domain directly from us, and not a third party vendor.

Our free reseller hosting program gives you access to new domain names, a number of TLDs, both generic and country domains, at wholesale prices, the moment you become a member.

This diversity allows you to more precisely target your specific market or expand your hosting and domains reseller business.

Our search interface is so easy to use it requires no skill what so ever. Just type the name you want, choose a TLD and click search.

Then simply register a brand new domain or transfer your existing one over to ResellersPanel.

Here are three reasons why you should choose ResellersPanel.

You can get a unique domain for your web hosting store through the reseller domain option.

The private DNS cluster option to the domain (domain + dns cluster option) can help increase your brand awareness.

As a reseller you can get a low-cost domain with a web hosting package for your store or any other hosting needs (domain+hosting option).

The search functionality developed by ResellersPanel, lets your customers quickly find the domain they want too, because the quick domain search form is also integrated into the reselle rsites, through the templates or the remote domain search form.

With each domain registered or transferred you and your customers will gain access to a full-featured domain management interface with a host of options to control its settings.

I really can't express enough just how important your Domain Name is, especially if you plan to have a business website.

So do it right, do it fast and most of all do it at the right price, with Sign up today and become a domain name reseller for free!

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