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Private DNS 1 Package Overview

Video Duration 1:22 min

ResellersPanel has an excellent variety of private label options for your reseller hosting business.

To improve your hosting store's recognition and brand identity in the eyes of your potential customers you should register custom name servers for your domain.

Since they will associate your site name with both your store and their own domain names.

Our Private DNS Cluster 1 is an inexpensive way to start a private DNS registration service.

For a very small annual fee you can have your unique name servers registered for your wholesale domain.

If, for example, your store name is, then its default system name servers will be renamed to:


They will still be associated with shared IP addresses, but what your customers will see will be your store name, instead of the server name.

They will see your store name when making a WHOIS check of your domain name, and also in the WHOIS of their own domains, even if they are parked.

ResellersPanel also gives you a special bonus - a Free E-mail Cluster service, included with the Private DNS Plan 1.

Sign up with ResellersPanel today, and take control of your domain's name servers settings, maximize your service branding, and increase your anonymity uniqueness and brand recognition as a domain name reseller.

ResellersPanel makes it easy to upgrade anytime to one of our more advanced private DNS cluster packages.

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