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Private DNS 2 Package Overview

Video Duration 1:23 min

At ResellersPanel, we understand the importance of choosing a domain name for your reseller hosting store. If this is done right, it will help you achieve a recognizable web presence.

This means that the default system name servers assigned to your store's domain will be replaced by the name of your domain name reseller site.

With unique name servers for your domain, you will have a fully branded WHOIS profile, where your customers will see your site name in both your domain and its name servers.

Also, your unique name servers will be automatically set to your customers' domain names, both hosted and parked.

With both the Private DNS Cluster 1 and the Private DNS Cluster 2 plans your customers will see your store name in the two name servers.

However, with the latter plan you will get a dedicated IP address for your primary name server, which gives you increased security for your web hosting store.

With ResellersPanel, we have added the ability to edit your domain's MX and A Records and also add host names, and we have included an Edit WHOIS option and a registrar-lock feature too.

With the Private DNS Plan 2 plan, you will also get a special bonus - a Free E-mail Cluster service.

Sign up with ResellersPanel and get the Private DNS Plan 2 - a key private label reseller service working for the credibility of your hosting business.

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