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How To Get Your Monthly Reseller Profit

Video Duration 1:21 min

Reselling with ResellersPanel is about one thing - making you money!

But how do you get the money you make?

How do we pay you that all important reseller commission?

Remember, with ResellersPanel you don't need to actually pay for the services you are selling, you never spend your money first.

At the beginning of each month, you will be sent the money you have made your commission in one of the following methods - check, PayPal, bank wire or your reseller wallet. We even give you a choice of currency.

Keeping track of your commission is easy through our point & click Reseller Control Panel.

It gives you access to every bit of statistical information about your reseller store.

Making sure you always have up-to date information on all completed and upcoming commission payments.

If you choose to get your commission via the wallet option, you will only be able to use the money to purchase web hosting services at wholesale prices from your Reseller Control Panel.

Remember - is about making you money, it's easy to sign up and join.

You don't need to be a computer expert and you can do it in your spare time.

So join now, create your own online store, and take the first step to making some money with

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