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Free Reseller or cPanel Reseller?

Video Duration 1:53 min

If you do not have advanced computer or website knowledge, then our Free Reseller Program is just what you need to start making money from home.

But if like many, you're a PC wizard, then take a look at our cPanel Reseller Program.

Here is basically how the two programs are different.

Resellers Panel is for everyone, novices and experts; we give you for free everything you need to start your own online reseller store.

An easy to use point & click interface to set up and run your reseller store, a totally automated billing and customer service support, and, of course, a wide range of web hosting plans and resources for you to resell.

And all this is done without you having to invest any money whatsoever!

It's all totally free.

Now a bit about our cPanel program. With this you really need to know your stuff. First of all, you buy the resources you want to resell, then divide them as you wish for maximum profit.

You manage billing and customer support if you want to offer it, and you use a more complex interface to manage your store.

So why choose cPanel? The main reason is your potential profit is unlimited. Because you pay in advance, you can charge as much as you want for every service or hosting plan you sell. This is not the case with our free program.

Our Free Resellers Panel platform does have max price limits and some other restrictions, but it is totally free!

So take a look now at the two reselling methods and sign up for the one that fits you best, and be on your way to making money today, with

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