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Full Control Over Your Customers' Accounts

Video Duration 1:08 min

With ResellersPanel you can start your own web hosting company and establish your online business without paying us a penny in advance.

In fact, you never pay us for any products that you resell. With us reselling is easy.

We will handle the billing, server maintainance and customer support. You even get an easy to use point and click Reseller Control Panel to manage your online store.

You can see the domain names a particular customer is hosting in their account and check if they are using your private name servers.

You can customize the Upgrades section of your customers' Web Hosting Control Panel.

This can help you promote new products and draw attention to different sections like 'Renew Plan', 'Upgrade Plan', etc.

This way, for example, you will be able to promote plan upgrades instead of simple web hosting upgrades.

There is also an option to contact your clients and request feedback giving you great insight into how best to focus your promotional offers.

Resellerspanel gives you a risk free way to make money without spending your own money.

It's easy to set up and run and you do not have to pay any reseller hosting charges.

So join ResellersPanel today for free.

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