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Full Control Over Your Hosting Offers

Video Duration 1:33 min

ResellersPanel gives you your very own reseller store, you can resell various web hosting services to customers all over the world.

Our easy to use point & click Control Panel makes it easy to sell cloud hosting accounts, semi-dedicated hosting and dedicated hosting server packages and VPS hosting plans and more.

We will handle all the billing procedures, server maintenance and customer support, and other behind the sceens operations, while you manage your online store.

Using our Reseller Control Panel you can set up and control you store, create its look, the products you want to sell, how much each product will cost.

In fact, everything to do with your online store is in your control.

You get the customizable Store Master Template, an advanced API interface, and as a member you even get a discount on any products and services you want for your own websites, so you can make money & save money too.

With a user-friendly interface, our exclusive Reseller Control Panel, you will be in full control over what you want to sell.

You can choose your store's currency, helping you to target customers all over the world.

You can change and modify what you sell and what it costs, anytime you want.

With ResellersPanel, making money by selling website resources is easy.

It's risk-free, and you have full control over all services you want to offer.

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