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VPS & Dedicated Servers With No Setup Fees

Video Duration 1:36 min

The VPS and the dedicated hosting services offered by ResellersPanel involve no setup fees.

This means that you will not have to make any additional payments on top of the plan price itself.

We include a free installation of the Operating System, the Control Panel administration tool, and all the software related to the proper functioning of the particular hosting service.

All this will be handled by us, free of charge, immediately after the purchase. This way, the fast and efficient setup of your server is ensured.

The lack of any setup fees will also appeal to the potential web hosting customers.

If you choose to resell the virtual private servers or the dedicated servers, you can emphasize the quick, less than one hour activation and the totally free server setup.

The unique thing about our Free Reseller Program is that it allows you to start your own hosting company in minutes.

Thanks to our easy-to use Reseller Control Panel you can manage all the services on offer, set your own prices, and resell them under your own private brand.

And remember! You can sign up for free, and resell our plans and services without paying any setup fees or reseller charges.

So join us now - it is quick, simple and most of all free!

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