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Ubuntu Linux-powered VPS & Dedicated Hosting Services

Video Duration 1:40 min

Learn more about our Ubuntu based web hosting services and about how to make money from them.

Ubuntu is a modern and popular operating system, which can be ordered with all our virtual private servers and which provides an isolated and secure environment for your web applications.

Ubuntu can power any of our stable and secure dedicated servers as well.

Offered with our VPS and dedicated hosting packages, the Ubuntu operating system will provide you and your clients with a reliable and stable Linux environment, full root access and remote management over SSH options.

To resell or purchase any of our Ubuntu based packages, you need to become a member of our Free Reseller Program.

Once you sign up for a free reseller account, you can buy web hosting packages at discounted prices, or you can start a web hosting business under your own brand using our turn key Reseller Control Panel.

Reselling Ubuntu hosting services through our Free Reseller Program is a risk-free job.

You don't need to buy any plans first in order to resell them, and there are no sales charges or fees.

Join for free and take advantage of our Ubuntu based hosting offers now.

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