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Ad Control with Elefante Applications Installer

Another great opportunity presented by the Elefante Applications Installer is the ad control feature. If you have a website that generates a lot of traffic, you probably earn a lot from advertising. If you wish to earn even more, you must optimize the ad management - turn the traffic to your website into profit. The ad control applications available for installation with a just few clicks will help you run efficient advertising as well as create and manage your own ad campaigns.

Each of the cloud web hosting packages available under the free reseller hosting program as well as the Semi-Dedicated Server packages include the Elefante Applications Installer that will help you gain control over the advertising on your web site. No experience or advanced knowledge in script configuration, MySQL databases, Apache Web Server, etc. is required to install OpenAds and PHPlist - you can do that with just a few clicks and absolutely free. These applications will provide you banner management with tracking and analyzing advertising efficiency as well as newsletter and mailing list management.

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