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OpendAds (phpAdsNew)

Making money from advertising on your website can be a lot easier and more profitable if you use an application to manage the processes. OpenAds, which is also known as phpAdsNew, is just the application that you need to do that – you will be able to manage advertisers, banners, ad campaigns, etc.

OpenAds is an open-source script with a user-friendly interface for ad control. You are able to gather statistics through a tracking system to assess the results and improve advertising management. This application allows displaying multiple ads as well as setting priority and number of impressions for each one.

You and your clients can choose OpenAds as the pre-installed application for any of the cloud web hosting packages under the free reseller hosting program as well as the Semi-Dedicated servers. This ad management application can also be set up using the Elefante Applications Installer in the web hosting control panel with just a few clicks and completely free.

OpenAds is the perfect solution for easy and successful management of advertising on your website. Start managing your ads within minutes.

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