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phpList is a mailing list manager application that allows you to send mass-mail notifications such as newsletters. If you need to send the same message to a large group of people (subscribers), it is much easier and faster to use a mailing list script and let it do the job for you instead.

If you are inexperienced in using mailing lists and you are afraid you will be in over your head, simply leave these feelings behind because phpList has an easy-to-use web interface. Managing lists and subscribers as well as writing and sending messages has never been easier. For your convenience the web interface also offers the option to keep track of things via the statistics it provides.

phpList is one of the items on the Elefante Applications Installer and as such it can be easily installed with just a few clicks and entirely free through the web hosting control panel of the cloud web hosting packages of the free reseller hosting as well as the Semi-Dedicated servers. You can also select the mailing list manager as the pre-installed application when purchasing these packages.

phpList is an open-source application that provides an easy solution for managing mailing lists and will cater to your needs when it comes mass-mailing. Get it now and start sending messages within minutes.

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