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Blogs with Elefante Applications Installer

The Elefante Applications Installer that comes for free with each of the cloud web hosting packages as well as the Semi-Dedicated Server packages offers a variety of blogs - WordPress, Movable Type, b2evolution and Textpattern. They can be installed with just a single click and virtually no experience or special skills. This will save your precious time. Not to forget that such installations may cost up to $45.00. That allows you to set up a web site within minutes and start blogging.

A blog (shortened for web log) is a type of web site that consists of regular commentaries on a certain subject or an event or it can simply be a personal online diary. The term “weblog” was first used in 1997 by Jorn Barger and later on in 1999 Peter Merholz broke the word into “we blog” thus emerged the word blog - it can be used as a noun or a verb. Blogs can also be informative web sites with articles on various topics. They can be interactive with their readers allowing them to leave comments as well. Blogs can also be used for business as a way of improving internal corporate communication or as means of marketing, branding, advertising and public relations.

Blog search engines

There are different blog search engines available for searching blog contents: Bloglines, BlogScope, and Technorati. The latter is used for current information on popular searches as well as tags used for categorizing blog postings. At present there is research work in the community for going beyond simple keyword search - the idea is to invent an alternative way for navigating through the enormous quantity of information in the blogosphere (collective community of all blogs).

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