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b2evolution is one of the blogging solutions that the Elefante Applications Installer offers along with WordPress, Textpattern and Movable Type. It is a PHP powered blogging engine that uses MySQL database to store posts and comments. That allows faster searching and browsing and enables you to display the content in different templates and skins without a hassle.

b2evolution has many features trackback and feedback, multiple blog support, multiple language support, advanced user permission management as well as anti-spam, hit-logs and statistics. It allows you to publish posts into categories and subcategories, supports multiple rich text editors and provides marvelous photo and file management.

You can choose b2evolution as the pre-installed application for any of the cloud web hosting packages under the free reseller hosting program or with one of the Semi-Dedicated servers. You can also use the Elefante Applications Installer in the web hosting control panel to set it up with just few clicks without spending a dime. Either way you can start your blog within the hour.

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