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Calendar with Elefante Applications Installer


Planning is one the key elements of management. And this is not just about business management but any kind of management. Managing your personal life and time is as much as important as managing your business. If you have many appointments and events and you need to organize your time or if you manage the website for your organization, club, company, church, school or your family and you wish to post upcoming events for everybody to see, the solution is easy - you should install an events calendar.

The Elefante Applications Installer comes to the rescue. Maian Events - seamless installation with just a few clicks free of charge. It can be easily integrated into any website. Even a beginner can handle the easy and quick installation process. Event publishing and appointment management has never been easier. You will be able to add, edit and delete, set start and end dates, even include emoticons. All of that is available with each cloud web hosting account or a Semi-Dedicated Server under the free reseller hosting program.

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