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Maian Events

Maian Events is PHP based online web calendar that you can easily integrate into any web site. It will help you keep track of appointments and tasks as well as inform the site visitors for any upcoming events.

With Maian Events you have ability to add, edit and delete events online. Dates that have at least one event booking are highlighted and you can also set a start date and end date to each event. You can insert emoticons in events as well as assign up to four pictures per event. Website visitors can be allowed to comment on the events and there is a CAPTCHA challenge-response test within the form to avoid SPAM posts.

Maian Events supports BB Code (supported by other poplar PHP based applications such as phpBB2 and phpBB3 forums) and the Savant 2 template class. The look of the calendar can be easily customized to blend into your website since the themes are XHTML/CSS based.

Maian Events is available for free with the Elefante Applications Installer included in the web hosting control panel for the cloud web hosting packages under the free reseller hosting and the Semi-Dedicated servers. You can also select the online web calendar as the pre-installed application for any new account during sign up and post your events on the web within minutes.

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