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1-Click Applications Installer

Elefante Application Installer - View Demo

The Elefante Applications Installer is the free popular PHP Scripts Installer integrated into all web hosting plans - the handyman of our packages. It saves time, it saves money! But most importantly, it gets the job done. This powerful tool is yet another spectacular selling point of the web hosting plans you will be able to offer your clients with this reseller hosting program. It includes a wide variety of popular free PHP scripts distributed as an open-source software on the Internet and all it takes is just a single click to install any of the applications. Imagine your customers launching a wiki documentation, a client manager or a project management application without having any programing skills or even the slightest of experience. Imagine them launching an entire website - a CMS with a gallery, a calendar, a forum, a blog, an e-shop and a guestbook as well as client support, ad control and classified ads - and all they need to do is provide simple information like the name of their website. There is no need to imagine all that - you can experience it with the Elefante Application Installer!

Elefante Installer - Scripts, Applications or Entire Websites

When the Elefante Installer first saw the light of day it was introduced as a free script installer. Technically speaking that is entirely true given the fact that every single item from the Elefante Installer is a script. Over time we have come to realize that such a description of the installer is an understatement, belittling the true potential of the Elefante, because any of these scripts is an application that is ready to be used the minute it is installed. Therefore from now on it will be known as the Elefante Application Installer.

Being faithful to the truth would require noting that even the name application installer may be considered understatement having in mind that most of these applications have the functionality of a separate website. Furthermore the Elefante can be used for multiple installations thus allowing different applications to be combined into a complete and sophisticated website. Another great way of putting the Elefante Installer into use is to integrate applications into a website created with the easy-to-use online website builder that comes for free with each package.

Elefante Installer - The Wise Choice

Installing any of these applications without the Elefante Installer will take even the most experienced web master or IT specialist a lot of time. An inexperienced customer may waste hours trying to install an application and not even finish it properly. Not to mention that such installations may cost up to $45.00 each. The Elefante does that with a single click and requires just some simple information from the website owner, saving time and money. A lot of effort has been put to make it effortless and all of that is available for free with any web hosting package you sell.

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