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Classified Ads with Elefante Applications Installer

Classified advertising originated as common for newspapers and other periodicals and has rapidly flooded the Internet as well. It is primarily intended for private individuals (not just companies and other entities) to offer items and services. It started off as plain text ads with short information about the item being sold and means of contacting the seller since it is cheaper but online classified ads tend to include more information and sometime even pictures and other graphical materials since they usually do not use per-line pricing models. The name classified advertising is derived from the fact that different ads are grouped into categories, classifying the product or service that is offered - clothing, for sale, for rent, used cards, etc.

If you are about to embark on the classified ads industry, our Elefante Applications Installer has yet another jewel to offer - Noah's Classifieds is available for free (saves up to $60.00 installation fees), easy and quick installation with any of the cloud web hosting packages under the free reseller hosting program as well as the Semi-Dedicated servers. Classifieds application will provide you full control and easy management of the ads - unlimited number of categories and subcategories as well as ad pending for approval or rejection, image upload, category locking, etc.

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