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The Elefante Applications Installer offers a complete client management solution for your business - phpCoin has been developed as a platform for hosting resellers to manage clients but it has evolved into the perfect client manager for any online business, or offline as a matter of fact.

phpCoin is all-in-one client management application that provides five valuable strong-points - order processing, invoice management, customer support, client management and content management. phpCoin allows you to set up forms that collect order information from the customers on your online store and then forward the customer to the billing gateway page of the payment processor via payment link at the end of the order process. It also stores the orders for you and the admin panel allows you to search and edit these orders. The application also provides an option to issue invoices for each order and it includes support for recurring invoices. phpCoin has a ticketing system integrated into the admin panel that enables you to assist customers online with any questions or problems they might have. The application creates customer profiles with personal client information and history - any previous orders, invoices and tickets are stored and that aids you in providing quality customer service. phpCoin even allows you to manage the content of your website or simply integrate the application within your existing website.

This splendid application is available for free with any Semi-Dedicated server or cloud web hosting account under the free reseller hosting program. You can choose phpCoin as the pre-installed application during sign-up or set it up with just a few clicks via the web hosting control panel of any existing account.

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