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If your website lacks a contact form or if you think that it could use a good application form, all you have to do is take advantage of the phpFormGenerator. Creating professional php online forms to enhance your online presence and your client management abilities has never been easier - you do not need any technical skills or programming knowledge.

phpFormGenerator comes with a simple and extremely user-friendly point-and-click admin interface that will do all the php script coding for you. The application allows you to create forms containing up to a hundred form fields with customizable field attributes and various field types such as simple text, file upload, etc. When creating the form you can select the method for receiving the information that will be submitted via that form - it can be sent to your e-mail address, stored in a MySQL database or even saved to an Excel-friendly data file.

phpFormGenerator is available with the Elefante Applications Installer and as always it can installed for free with just a few clicks via the web hosting control panel of an existing cloud web hosting account under the free reseller hosting program or a Semi-Dedicated server. It is also available as a pre-installed application during sign-up. Either way you can set up your professional php form within minutes.

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