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Client Support with Elefante Applications Installer

We, the people at ResellersPanel, know how vital customer support is for any business. You may provide an extraordinary service or products with extreme quality and durability but without proper customer support your business still may struggle or even go bankrupt. That is why to provide good and timely customer support is of the essence. Communication with clients is as much important after the sale as it is before that.

Our Elefante Applications Installer provides a solution catering the needs of your business regardless of whether is it web hosting reselling or any other. With any of the cloud web hosting packages under the free reseller hosting program or the Semi-Dedicated Server packages you and your customers will be able to install with just a few clicks and without experience or special skills a client support application. Help Center Live has it all - live help, online support tickets and FAQ - you name it. PHPTickets is a standalone ticketing system that you can easily utilize and integrate into your website. Keep customers satisfied and give your business a chance to grow and flourish.

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