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Content Management Systems with Elefante Applications Installer

Generally a content management system (CMS) can be described as a set of procedures that are used to manage the work flow in a collaborative environment. This allows a lot of different users to store and share data with a certain level of control defined by user roles - whether a user will be able view or edit all of the information or just parts of it. A web content management system simplifies publishing content to web sites allowing the administrator to submit content without any technical knowledge of HTML or uploading of files.

The Elefante Applications Installer that comes with the free reseller hosting program offers a variety of web cms applications - Joomla!, Mambo, Geeklog, Xoops, Moodle, Nucleus, Open Realty, Drupal, Fuzzylime, PHP-fusion, PHPwebsite, Websitebaker. As always, they can all be installed with just a few clicks, no experience required or knowledge of script configuration and creating MySQL databases. These CMS's will allow you to easily setup a web site within hours. There are a lot of free templates for these applications that can be used and customized - the result will be a complete and unique looking website without hiring professional help. Using a CMS allows easy and intuitive website administration via web based interface that will save you a lot time and effort.

You can put the Elefante Applications Installer further into use by combining the CMS with other applications such as a forum, a calendar or an e-commerce to enhance and enrich your web presence. And all of that is available for free with any of our cloud web hosting packages or Semi-Dedicated servers.

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