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Open Realty

Open Realty is one of the many content management systems (CMS) available under the Elefante Applications Installer but it is specifically designed to create websites for real estate listings. It is perfect for bringing your real estate business online or even for starting your own brand new real estate agency within minutes.

Open Realty comes with an easy-to-use admin panel with a useful add-on system that allows you to power up even more features. You have the ability to create listing with unlimited number of fields. This splendid software provides support for multiple property classes in a single install along with the ability to define different fields for each property class and specify which fields are searchable. There are other features that will make the job administrating the site easier and make the site even more professional at the same time such as uploading multiple images simultaneously - the thumbnails are created automatically for you. You have a WYSIWYG editor at your disposal and the ability to utilize Google Maps service for providing online maps and other useful information for each listing. Open Realty is also compatible for easy integration into other content management systems such as Joomla and Mambo via bridge modules.

You can have that application for free with any cloud web hosting account or Semi-Dedicated server of the free reseller hosting program - it is available in the web hosting control panel of all existing accounts and as a pre-installed application during sign up.

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