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Content management systems (CMS) nowadays are probably the easiest and fastest way to create a website on your own without spending a dime on professional help and that is why our Elefante Applications Installer provides such a wide choice to our customers.

phpWebSite allows the webmaster to manage the content on the website with ease requiring no technical skills whatsoever. This CMS allows you to create valid XHTML 1.0 pages through a user-friendly web-based admin interface and provides many ways of customizing and personalizing the website. It has the basic functionality a CMS must provide as well as the option for installing add-ons and plug-ins with specific functionality that are available to download for free.

Using the Elefante Applications Installer setting up phpWebSite takes just a few clicks via the web hosting control panel of any cloud web hosting account or Semi-Dedicated server under the free reseller hosting program. You can also select this application to be pre-installed when you sign up for the account but either way you can have your PHP website online within minutes.

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