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Website Baker

Website Baker is a content management system (CMS) available with our Elefante Applications Installer that has been created with a single purpose - to allow fast and easy creation of a website with limited or no technical knowledge or experience.

Website Baker is a PHP based application that requires a MySQL database to store the content of the website. It comes with an easy-to-use and intuitive web interface with simple but effective system for managing and uploading files and images. There is a member registration system that allows setting permissions to different groups or even individual members. The ability to install numerous add-ons or plug-ins allows you to power up the application with additional functionality while the multiple templates allow you to customize the website to suit your agenda.

Website Baker can be set up for free with just a few clicks from the web hosting control panel of your Semi-Dedicated server or cloud web hosting package under the free reseller hosting program. It is even easier for new accounts since you can choose that as the pre-installed application.

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