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E-commerce with Elefante Applications Installer

Electronic commerce is a term broadly recognized as Internet trading - buying and selling products or services online. E-commerce has been growing exponentially along with the widespread popularization of Internet itself. Online trading has brought about innovations and development in other fields such as Internet marketing, electronic funds transfer, online transaction processing, etc. Electronic commerce between businesses is commonly known as business-to-business (B2B) while business-to-customer (B2C) is considered electronic commerce between businesses and customers.

E-commerce is facilitated by shopping cart softwares (or just shopping carts) that enable people to make purchases online. Such softwares allow online shoppers to pick different items and “place them in the shopping cart”. Once finished browsing the online store the client can check out with the selected items and this is when the software usually shows the total for the order by calculating shipping, packing and any other applicable fees and taxes as well as coupons and discounts if available, and then proceed with online payment. Shopping carts can also be known as e-commerce software, online store software, e-store software and other less popular names.

The Elefante Applications Installer provides two options for a shopping cart software - OS Commerce and OS CommRes. The installation is free of charge and it does not require any experience or knowledge about script configuration and MySQL databases. You can get either of these e-commerce softwares pre-installed with any of our cloud web hosting packages under the free reseller hosting or with our Semi-Dedicated servers. You can also install the shopping cart applications with just a few clicks through the web hosting control panel once the account is set up.

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