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Forums with Elefante Applications Installer

People have an irresistible desire to express opinions or discuss different topics and with the evolution and popularization of Internet, they started “gathering” online to talk about their issues or matters of interest, rather than attending meetings. This is how Internet forums also known as discussion boards came to be. In the beginning Internet forums were more like a web version of a newsgroup or an electronic mailing list - people were able to send messages and comment on other messages, rather than what we know them to be like today.

Most Internet forums nowadays require a registration to post messages. These registered users are considered members of the forum. The rules and policies of a forum are created and enforced by the administrators and moderators of that forum and these are the people that are also responsible for the technical maintenance. A forum usually has one main topic, web hosting reselling for example, or it is the discussion board of a certain web site or group. The structure is tree like with a certain number of generic topics each consisting threads (sub-topics) and member posts. Members can exchange personal messages as well when they wish to continue the conversation privately.

The Elefante Applications Installer offers a variety of forums - phpBB2, phpBB3, SMF (Simple Machines Forum) - with quick and easy installation and absolutely free of charge, saving you the costs of hiring a professional to install that for you or saving you the time to do it manually. This is integrated into the web hosting control panel of the cloud web hosting packages under the free reseller hosting as well as the Semi-Dedicated servers.

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