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phpBB2 is one of the most popular forum softwares on the Internet. It is written in PHP and supports multiple database system including MySQL and PostgreSQL that are available on our servers. We have included phpBB2 in the Elefante Applications Installer even though it is no longer supported by the official vendor - the new version phpBB3 has been released - since it has many fans that use the older version and there are many unofficial support sites.

Becoming a popular discussion board for phpBB2 is due to the user-friendly and intuitive admin panel that provides many useful features. It has a neat structure that helps maintaining the forum - discussions are arranged into categories and the administrator of the forum limits the access to each category. The registered members of the site can be enrolled into different groups and forum access can be allowed to an individual or a certain group. Different MODs (modifications by the community) are available for phpBB2 that can add additional options and features to the standard set. You can install new themes or edit the default subSilver one to customize and personalize the forum to match your needs and desires.

phpBB2 can be installed with just a few clicks via the web hosting control panel that comes with the cloud web hosting packages of the free reseller hosting program as well as the Semi-Dedicated servers. It is also available as a pre-installed application during account sign-up.

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