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phpBB3 is last generation discussion board software and a successor to the poplar phpBB2 forum that is also available in the Elefante Applications Installer. It is suitable to create a small forum as much as it is suitable for a large community or corporate website. The improvements and innovations of the new version make it a good choice for your forum.

phpBB3 has a full set of features that allow maintaining a discussion board with ease like setting custom permissions for individual members or entire groups, organizing forums into categories with access defined by the administrator. The innovations in the administration side form a tendency to provide different privileges to assistant administrators and moderators of the forum. There are many new features available for the forum members such as the improved control panel that is even easier to use, the ability to send personal messages to multiple recipients at the same time, subscribing for forum news, locking and bookmarking of a particular theme and many other.

You can set up your phpBB3 forum within minutes with just a few clicks in the web hosting control panel of an existing account or simply select it as the pre-installed application for your new cloud web hosting package or Semi-Dedicated server that are available with the free reseller hosting program.

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