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Photo Galleries with Elefante Applications Installer

The word photography originates from two Greek words - phos and graphé - that can be roughly translated as light and drawing. In other words drawing with light. When the first photographs started appearing photography was considered a great mastery and art if not even magic. The common folk even feared being photographed because of a belief that the photograph would imprison their soul. As any other technology over time it has been developed and made available to the public.

Nowadays even little children can easily take photos and most people have a camera handy in their mobile phone. And yet photography can still be considered magical - a wonderful way to capture a fleeting moment and use it later on to refresh your memory. And yet unlike motion pictures, photos still leave room for the mind to play with the imagination and the memories. Photography can be a hobby but it can also be a profession. Anyone can take a photo but only a few can capture the essence of the moment and make art out of what other people would consider everyday life.

What better way is there to share your memories and experiences than setting up a photo gallery online to come along with your blog, website or just a standalone gallery? Or if photography is not just hobby for you but your way of making a living you can bring more business with a nice gallery showing your work. The Elefante Applications Installer offers 4 options for you - 4images Gallery, Coppermine, Gallery2 and plogger are available with any of the cloud web hosting packages under the free reseller hosting program as well as the Semi-Dedicated servers. You can install them through the web hosting control panel with just a few clicks - it is as easy as that, anyone can do it and it is for free.

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