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Coppermine is one of the most popular photo galleries and that is due to its complex features combined with the amazing user-friendly navigation and control. It is a PHP based application that requires MySQL database to store the site information. That is a wonderful way to share your special moments with the wide public or just with a few special people.

Coppermine offers a generous amount of features that make it a smart choice for your online gallery. The easy-to-use admin panel creates thumbnails automatically for the uploaded photos which you can organize into albums and categories with different level of access. The registered members on your site can rate your pictures, comment on them and even upload their own along with the ability to interact with each other. Coppermine is also available in different languages for the convenience of its users. The look of the gallery can be customized by editing the default template or simply upload new ones. A great benefit of using this application is the option to integrate it with some of the other popular open-source softwares like SMF, phpBB2, Wordpress, Joomla, etc. The user management is also integrated so that registered members of the forum, for example, can operate with the gallery, and vice-versa.

You can use the Elefante Applications Installer in the web hosting control panel of your existing account to set up Coppermine with just a few clicks or simply select it as the pre-installed application with your new cloud web hosting package or Semi-Dedicated server from the free reseller hosting program.

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