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Plogger is one of the photo gallery softwares that are included in the Elefante Applications Installer. It is simple and light-weight but at the same time it possesses all that is expected from a good photo gallery which makes it a smart choice for people that do not have the experience or simply do not like to hassle with a more complicated application.

Plogger, as simple as it is, provides a fully featured, intuitive and easy-to-use web admin panel that enables you to upload photos, tag descriptions and organize them into albums. You can also set up the size and format settings for the thumbnails that are automatically created. Bulk uploads are available via FTP as well but a really neat feature is the option to upload .zip files that Plogger automatically unpacks for you and import the files into the gallery. Visitors can comment on the photos and RSS feeds are generated for each album. Personalizing the gallery is possible by editing the theme or uploading new ones.

Plogger can be set up for free with just a few clicks using the Elefante Applications Installer in the web hosting control panel of your existing account or choose that software to be pre-installed when you sign up for a Semi-Dedicated server or a cloud web hosting package under the free reseller hosting program.

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