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Guestbook with Elefante Applications Installer

Guestbooks - paper or electronic - are a way of commemorating that a person has visited a site, physical or web-based. They can leave a comment or a note along with their name and postal or electronic address. The original paper version is very popular with tourist sites and other places of interest such as churches, museums or special events like weddings and funerals.

On the Internet, guestbooks are more or less a logging system that enables website visitors to leave public comments - expressing their opinion and thoughts about the site or a related subject. Unlike forums, posts in guestbooks do not require user registration since they are intended for one-time short messages and notes. This is a great way of collecting feedback from the site visitors as well as statistics that may help you as a webmaster to assess and improve your site.

The Elefante Applications Installer is ready with a solution for you - Mjguest is waiting for you inside the easy-to-use control panel with our Semi-Dedicated servers and any of our cloud web hosting packages from the free reseller hosting program. The installation is easy and almost instant. Even a first-timer can go through the entire process with just a few clicks. And most importantly - it is absolutely free of charge.

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