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Project management is crucial nowadays with the rising competitiveness in each economy sector and business niche and if you are looking for a way to organize your schedule, contacts and tasks, dotProject provides the solution.

dotProject is not a complex application but it provides a well-structured functionality for successful project management. There are many different parties that usually participate in a project and this application allows you to create a profile for each of them - clients, vendors, suppliers, government institutions, internal companies and departments, consultants, etc. With such profiles it is easier to maintain timely communication and speed up work processes. There is also a discussion board integrated to further facilitate communication between co-workers, employees and managers. You can have unlimited projects and set roles to the people, departments and companies that are involved. There is an option for individual tasks that can be monitored with Gantt charts to track the progress. A calendar with events, deadlines and milestone is also available. The integrated ticketing system allows better communication with clients and more effective problem solving.

You can start your project management within a few minutes if you select dotProject as the pre-installed application for your new Semi-Dedicated server or cloud web hosting package under the free reseller hosting program. If you have an existing account, the Elefante Applications Installer can help you set it up with just a few clicks via the web hosting control panel.

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