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Wiki with Elefante Applications Installer

The word wiki comes from Hawaiian and means “fast”. It has become a common noun used for a website that provides easy and fast creating as well as editing of text documents or web pages via simple web browser, no special software required, using a simplified online text editor. Some people have backronymed the word wiki as “What I Know Is”. Wikis may have different applications such as personal note taking, powering a community website, facilitating corporate and inter-department communication or creating a collaborative web site such as Wikipedia. The founder of the first wiki software described it as "the simplest online database that could possibly work".

The concept of the wiki is that wiki pages can be easily created and updated by different users from different locations through a web browser using a simple markup language. Changes can even be visible in real time which facilitates communication. All the pages can be interconnected into a wiki website almost effortlessly. Different wiki sites may or may not require a registration to be able to read, write or edit pages. Usually the registered users would have more privileges such as renaming an existing page.

You can set up a Wiki site to facilitate the communication in your department for a certain project or start your own online community using the Elefante Applications Installer. DokuWiki can be pre-installed with any of the cloud web hosting packages under the free reseller hosting program or the Semi-Dedicated servers. You can also use the Elefante Applications Installer to set up DokuWiki with just a few clicks in an existing account as well - it is as easy as that and it is also completely free of charge. Start your Wiki site right now!

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