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Happy Independence Day to our dear friends from USA

In tune with the holiday mood we are delighted to present to you our newest profit-boosting program, along with the latest updates to Resellers Panel's ever-evolving platform.

Mobile SMS Marketing - countless money-making opportunities

If you are interested in generating a great, new revenue stream for yourself, we highly recommend that you consider our new SMS marketing program, which is open to everyone without any specific requirements.

Mobile SMS Marketing

Realizing the incredible marketing potential of text messaging, we joined forces with one of the leading mobile SMS marketing companies in USA and launched a new web site:

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Resellers Panel System Updates

Here are the latest updates to Resellers Panel's ever-evolving platform:

DNS Cluster Updates

Our newly defined DNS Cluster Renewal Policy is now in force for those resellers, whose Private DNS Cluster package is close to expiration. Due to the specificity of the DNS Cluster service, the DNS Cluster Renewal Policy is different for the resellers who have customers and for those that do not.

Billing System Improvement

Our recent renovation of the entire billing backbone of Resellers Panel has been more than successful and has considerably increased the speed of order processing and improved the fraud protection. Thus we have prepared the ground for many future introductions to Resellers Panel's billing system.

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Upcoming Summer Introductions:

Here is what you should expect from Resellers Panel this summer:

Remote Direct Order Form - New Sizes - We plan to improve the compatibility of our remote direct order form with your custom-made online stores, by setting new basic sizes.

Multi-Currency Option for Reseller Web Stores - The much-awaited privilege of presenting your services on the web store templates in currencies different from USD will be granted to you very soon.

New Change Plan Wizard - You will find the Change Plan section in the web hosting Control Panel revamped to a great extent, coming with a new Shopping Cart interface.

Set Up New Account Wizard - This upcoming introduction will allow you to purchase a new web hosting account with a domain name directly from your Control Panel.

Elefante FREE Scripts Installer v. 2.0 - The next Elefante Installer version will surprise you with a new, more intuitive interface for installation and management.

More details will be announced regularly on

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