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Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are now available to you!

High Demand

Due to the high demand over the last years, Resellers Panel has finally launched its line of virtual private servers. This release will mark the next evolutionary step of Resellers Panel towards the development of a fully integrated reseller hosting platform.

Cost-effective Solution

Our Virtual Private Servers embody the most useful features of web hosting by combining the affordability and simplicity of a shared hosting account with the power and independence offered by a dedicated server. Our business and more technically advanced customers should consider this cost-effective solution excellent for their ever-increasing needs

Mini, Regular & Maxi VPS

The VPS offers are displayed in the Dedicated Servers section of the Resellers Panel’s web site. You can choose between three package types in accordance with your specific requirements. Additional upgrades can be ordered easily.

Mini, Regular & Maxi VPS

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Coming Soon!

Here is what you should expect from Resellers Panel by the end of June 2007:

Revolutionary Mobile SMS Marketing Service - A next generation opt-in marketing system, which allows you to unlock the potential of mobile marketing and execute a campaign quickly and easily, will be available soon. You will be able to perfectly combine this new mobile sms marketing service with your reseller hosting business to promote your online store and special offers.

DNS Cluster updates - the DNS cluster service will be updated in order to support the new domain parking feature in the clients' Control Panel. If you have purchased a DNS Cluster package and a client of yours has parked a domain in his/her account, the DNSes set for that domain will contain your private reseller DNSes.

Improved billing system - the entire billing backbone of Resellers Panel has been rewritten to support multi-currency and recurring payments. This change will influence the speed with which the orders are processed and the security of the fraud protection. Some outages are to be expected and we’d like to apologize for them in advance.

More details will be announced regularly on

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