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Early Spring 2008 Resume Newsletter

With the last shadows of the winter fading away, and the spring opening shortly, ResellersPanel would like to make a first step into the new season with a brief resume of the latest activities and introductions into our revolutionary reseller hosting system.

Apart from the many upgrades made to our fully reliable server network, our most noteworthy recent implementations have been:

QUICK CONTROLS Functionality

Our highly facilitative "invention" has been introduced in your Reseller Control Panels to ensure utmost convenience and easy navigation for both, newly signed up web hosting resellers and existing ones. It provides QUICK centralized management and exceptional time-saving navigation CONTROLS in the process of configuring the full range of your reseller account settings - from defining your Store DBA (Doing Business As) Names to setting up your web hosting offerings' retail prices.

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FLIPVIEW is an extremely flexible template solution, in which emphasize is laid on advanced customizability, flip-change movement options and exchangeable layout positions. The flexibility, intrinsic to this template, allows many modifications in terms of product boxes' arrangement, colour scheme customization, layout re-position of the index sections and separate plans image icons selection.

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The functionality of ROUNDCUBE has been updated to support 'Change Password' option. You are able now to change the password of your mailbox wherever you are, simply by logging into your mailbox using the web-based e-mail client RoundCube and changing your password settings from the 'Personal Settings' section.


The Web Hosting Control Panel's language family is featuring a new member - the Chinese language, in both WWW-friendly formats - Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. The introduction of this most widely spoken language to the end-customers' Control Panel is sure to make your web hosting offers much more competitive on the global web hosting market.


Several Elefante Installer scripts - phpWebSite, Drupal, Wordpress and Coppermine - have been updated to support newer versions. Thoroughly renewed Joomla and phpBB scripts have been included in the package to be available together with the older versions. To the current Joomla 1.0.12 (updated to version 1.1.15) new Joomla 1.5.1 has been added. To the current phpBB 2.0.22 (updated to version 2.0.23) new phpBB 3.0.0 has been added.


The new MULTIPLE STORES functionality allows you to create up to 3 additional, entirely independent from each other, free reseller web stores - a total maximum of 4, including your default store. Each store can have a separate Private DNS Cluster activated, its own brand name, service offerings and pricing currency set up. This ensures enormous flexibility for you in terms of new marketing strategies implementation, and can contribute to the enhancement of your web hosting business towards new targeted markets.

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Await our fantastic new implementations coming soon:

  • Brand New File Manager
  • 2 April 2008 - Official VAT Registration
  • New Advanced API
  • Improved Boost Renewals
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