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File Manager Update and Early Autumn Sale Offers

I. File Manager - Substantial Update

In keeping with our company’s policy of continual development and improvement, we launch our newest software update - the release of File Manager version 2.01. Our developers have input a lot of efforts, as always, to present new features and guarantee its smooth functioning.

Version 2.0 of the Web Hosting Control Panel’s File Manager was an in-house developed product of our developer team, that made a significant step ahead in the file management of yours and your customers’ account files. Some features were a real breakthrough and brought further ideas on how to enhance and improve its functionality. We’ve been carefully following the feedback and comments of all resellers and their clients and accordingly we’ve made new adjustments hoping to fulfill all your requirements.

Hereby follows a review of all new functions:

1. On the tooltips that you can open clicking on a file name/or a folder type icon, the option "Download" is featuring separately, not together with the "Open" option (Open/Download) as it used to be.

File Manager Folder Download

2. A ‘Download’ button has been added to the up and down Action toolbars, giving the possibility for multiple files/folders control. If you select multiple files/folder for download, the chosen items will be automatically generated in a .ZIP archive and downloaded to your PC.

File Manager Download Toolbar

3. As you have probably already noticed, ‘Download’ option is now available also for folders. It works on the same principle as the multiple files download.

4. Also new is the option for Archive/ZIP folder. It creates a .ZIP file from a chosen directory, in this case the archive is saved on the server.

File Manager Archive

5. In the information field of each file/folder a new type icon has been added, allowing you to change the permissions of the file/folder by clicking on it.

File Manager Permissions Table

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II. Early Autumn Sale Offers

You can avail of our new sale campaign till October 26th and buy a discounted cPanel or VPS package. Our attractive prices include 20% discount for the cPanel reseller hosting packages (cPanel 1, cPanel 2, cPanel 3, cPanel 4) and 20 % for the VPS hosting packages (Mini VPS, Medium VPS, Maxi VPS).

Buying a cPanel or VPS hosting package now will let you enjoy an exclusive monthly billing till the end of your subscription with ResellersPanel! Do not forget to use the cpanelautumn coupon code when ordering your discounted cPanel, or vpsautumn coupon code when ordering you discounted VPS hosting plan.

With special autumn greetings from ResellersPanel!


  • New reseller store turn-key website template solution
  • Substantial update to current templates with new promos and an option to offer script-optimized hosting
  • New E-mail Manager with auto-login and many improved features
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