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Free Bonuses with the Hepsia Control Panel

Free Bonuses with the Hepsia Control Panel

To attract customers, you can use a lot of methods and the “free bonuses” are among the most reliable - everyone likes to know that he is getting something extra for his money, something for which he would otherwise have to pay. This is why we have added lots of free bonuses inside the Hepsia Control Panel.

A 1-click Hosting Apps Installer

When it comes to script installations, this tool can single-handedly save your customers time and money. With it, anyone can very quickly install more than 50 popular web hosting apps. The only thing the customer has to do is select a target website and fill in his desired admin password. After that, a single click on the “Install” button will do the rest.

Among the available hosting apps are WordPress, Joomla, Mambo, vTiger, PrestaShop and much, much more.

Check out our hosting app installer in action:


A Website Installer

We’ve received several requests for this - a simple tool which will allow the non-tech-savvy customers to quickly install a whole website. So, we have built such a tool. It offers a simple, wizard-like approach to the website installation process, allowing the user to pick his domain name and then choose how his website will look.

The tool uses the free web hosting apps we have available, combined with the free themes we are offering.

Check out our website installer in action:


And speaking of free themes...

300+ Free Website Templates

We have a vast collection of more than 300 free templates available to everyone and accessible from right inside the Control Panel. These templates are built for some of the most popular web hosting apps available - WordPress, Moodle, Joomla, 4images.

Check out our free website templates:


A PHP Frameworks Installer

We have a lot of customers who focus on building their own websites. And since our Control Panel is now available also with VPS, dedicated and semi-dedicated servers, we’ve had to offer our tech-savvy customers something too. With this tool, they can quickly install some of the most popular PHP frameworks. All they have to do is choose the site for which they want to install the framework and fill in their desired admin details.

Check out our PHP framework installer in action:


The Free SiteStudio Website Builder

We've had this free tool available for some time, and we are not going to abandon it now. Offering thousands of free templates, it allows customers with no web design experience to build their own website.

Check out the SiteStudio website builder:


If a web hosting reseller who’s also providing web design services decides to create custom web hosting plans, he can choose not to include this free tool in the plans he’ll be offering.

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