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Private DNS 3 Package Overview

Video Duration 1:34 min

The Private DNS Plan 3 ResellersPanel will help you customize the two name servers for your domain and maximize the credibility of your hosting store - an important factor if you want to have your own fully branded hosting store.

Both the primary and the secondary name server will be assigned a dedicated IP addresses.

They will replace the cloud system name servers assigned to your domain by default.

This simple change will make your store look independent, and not associated with our reseller hosting services.

Two dedicated IPs is what sets this plan apart from some others plans you might find. It gives you more web hosting options and further adds to you stores independent appearance.

This is a key factor if your customer has extensive computer knowledge.

When someone pings the IPs of the name servers, they will see that only one domain name is assigned to that IP, not a whole other bunch of domain names on the cloud web hosting server.

Anyone making a WHOIS check will see your site name in both your domain and its name servers.

Your unique name servers will be automatically set to your customers' domain names, either hosted or just parked, associating them with your brand and adding an extra level of security to their sites.

Your brand or Company name will be featured in your customers' mail servers too (

A private DNS cluster service also means custom MX and A Records and the option to add host names.

An Edit WHOIS option and a registrar-lock feature are included too and as special bonus we give you a Free E-mail Cluster service.

Sign up for the most advanced Private DNS plan by ResellersPanel to fully maximize the anonymity of your reseller hosting identity and take your hosting store to our top level.

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