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Private DNS Plan 3

If you want to increase your reseller anonymity to the possible maximum, the Private DNS Plan 3 under our Free Reseller Program is all you need. It will allow you to have your own name servers based on the domain name you have chosen, as well as your own mail server and webmail portal. And on top of that, it offers enhanced network security due to the added dedicated IP address for the name servers.

With a Private DNS Cluster Package, you will get your own name servers, which will be used instead of the server's default name servers for all NS related settings. This means that your customers will always see your chosen name in front of them, which makes it easier for you to turn into a household brand.

With its enhanced network security, two dedicated IP addresses for the name servers, the mail server and the webmail offers, the Private DNS Plan 3 is a must-have for any reseller who wants complete reseller anonymity.

Private DNS3
Private DNS3
DNS Cluster
DNS type NS or DNS
IP for DNS1 dedicated IP
IP for DNS2 dedicated IP
Custom A records OK
Custom MX records OK
Add Hostnames option OK
Edit WHOIS option OK
Registrar lock option OK
EPP transfer protection OK OK
$80.00 / yr


with each private dns cluster

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