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VPS Hosting Plans with Dedicated RAM

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Dedicated RAM allocation is what makes virtual private servers a perfect choice for sites running complex applications like multi-media content, for example.

The unique server partitioning technology allows you manage the resources of your virtual private server.

The higher allocation of more VPS hosting RAM you have at hand, the more applications you would be able to run, and the faster your sites will be.

ResellersPanel offers virtual private servers, packed with sufficient RAM quotas for hosting and running any types of websites.

For example, our Base VPS package allows sufficient virtual server RAM amounts for hosting personal sites and small business portals.

But if you plan to create a big online store, with thousands of hits per day and complex backend code powering your site, you will need a setup like our Regular VPS plan.

It is perfect for handling several resource consuming websites, simultaneously.

The Ultra VPS comes with good amounts of of RAM. You even can use it to start your own reseller hosting business and host other people's sites on the same server.

The Base VPS, the Regular VPS and the Ultra VPS plans come with a choice of OS installation and many administration options, like Virtuozzo Power Panel, full root access, and SSH access.

The Regular and the Ultra plan have an automatic installation of a free DirectAdmin web hosting Control Panel and an option to install cPanel to help you manage your web presence.

Through the Free Reseller Program at you will be able to automatically resell RAM-rich VPS plans to other users, in addition to the plans and services already available (cloud web hosting packages, semi-dedicated and dedicated servers), and make yourself some extra money.

With no no setup fees and absolutely no reselling charges! You will be able to make profit from selling both the plans and RAM add on services.

So why not try it out now, you can sign up free now and start making good money in minutes.

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