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Get a hosting package and a domain at wholesale prices:


Through the Free Reseller Hosting Program you can sell any of the following services under your own brand: domain names, hosting plans, VPS, semi-dedicated & dedicated servers. To let you focus all of your time and efforts on marketing, we take full care of server management and service setup, and provide multi-currency billing and a 24/7/365 technical support service to your customers absolutely anonymously. With us, you can become a successful web hosting brand with a minimum investment.

A risk-free solution (no upfront charges or extra fees)

There is absolutely no risk for you to start your own hosting business with our free reseller platform. There are no deposits to pay, or recurring fees to cover.

Unlike with most mainstream solutions, whether you make sales or not, you'll still be free from any financial obligations thanks to our unique, time-proven reseller hosting formula.

Our Guarantees

Our free reseller program has you covered with a host of guarantees for your peace of mind as a hosting brand.

No Reseller Deposits

No Reseller Deposits »

In stark contrast to most reseller programs, we do not require any deposits from you. We will charge your clients directly on your behalf and will send you the profit that you’ve set on the basis of our wholesale price. And if you make no sales, there will be no charges to pay either!

No Technical Skills Required

No Technical Skills Required »

With us, setting up your hosting store will be as easy as setting up a social media profile, for example. All server management, service configuration and payment processing procedures will be handled by us, so you can focus on promoting your brand

Full Reseller & Customer Support

Full Reseller & Customer Support »

Our technical support team will be available to you and to your customers around the clock. We’ll support your clients on your behalf through various channels - ticketing system, email, live chat and phone. Providing a 1-hour response time is our commitment.

Full Branding Control

Full Branding Control »

Your hosting brand will be everywhere - on your store, in the Control Panel, in the email notifications and service alerts that your customers will receive, etc. Also, you can place your own brand logo and favicon on your store with the click of a mouse.

A Responsive & Customizable Hosting Store

Responsive & Customizable Hosting Store »

With our Store Master theme, you’ll have full control over the look & feel of your hosting store. Also, your store will be fully scalable and will fit every customer device and screen resolution.

An All-in-One Reseller Control Panel

All-in-One Reseller Control Panel »

Unlike with most reseller programs, with our Free Program you will have only one Reseller Control Panel for all tasks, including hosting store setup, service management, billing processing, etc. tasks.

Cloud hosting platform tailored to your growing needs

Over the years, we've built a load-balanced web hosting platform that offers a much better online experience for site visitors based on their needs and suggestions.

Cloud hosting platform tailored to your growing needs

Maximized site speeds
by using NVMe storage, data compression, caching, etc., we can offer much faster loading speeds than regular hosting platforms.

Reinforced site security
with the help of an anti-hack firewall, anti-virus protection, and daily backups, we've taken extra security measures to protect your valuable data.

Guaranteed service uptime
through top-notch hardware, redundant power supplies, and bandwidth redundancy, we have been able to achieve and maintain system stability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a reseller hosting program?

A reseller hosting program is a platform via which you can market different products provided by a third-party company to other customers as if you were the original provider. Many successful brands in the web hosting industry began their journey as reseller hosting ventures.

What is a reseller hosting account?

A reseller hosting account refers to an account created with a reseller hosting provider for the purpose of offering web hosting services to clients. The specifics of the account vary depending on the provider.

It can either be a free account, where you don't pay for the hosting services and instead sell pre-made packages, or a paid account where you purchase a specific amount of resources and create your custom hosting packages based on that allocation.

How to become a web hosting reseller?

There are many ways to become a reseller of web hosting services. If you possess technical expertise, you can buy a server (like a VPS or dedicated server), and provide hosting accounts from it. Another approach is to utilize a reseller hosting program, which enables you to resell web hosting packages to your customers without the need to handle server setup and management.

Additionally, if you are new to reseller hosting, you can participate in a free program that allows you to resell web hosting services without any upfront payment.

What is a reseller hosting business?

A reseller hosting business refers to any type of business that offers web hosting services to customers. These services can range from shared hosting to VPS and dedicated servers, and you have the flexibility to sell them in various ways.

For instance, you can use a reseller hosting account or purchase your own hardware and then sell it. Running a web hosting business can be challenging, but it also has the potential to be highly lucrative if you can maintain a high customer retention rate.

How to start a hosting reseller business?

Starting a hosting company from scratch can be a challenging endeavor. You will need a server to offer your services, billing software, and the knowledge to assist your clients. These requirements come with a cost and demand technical skills as well as experience in managing customers.

Alternatively, you can opt for a reseller hosting service, where most of the essentials will be provided at a monthly subscription fee. With numerous hosting reseller business solutions available in the market, selecting the right one will depend on your budget. For instance, our cPanel reseller program provides excellent choices for both new businesses and those that are already established.

We also offer a Free Reseller Program if you are not entirely ready to invest time and money in reseller hosting. It requires absolutely no setup or maintenance fees, and makes it really simple to launch your own hosting brand from scratch.

What is white-label reseller hosting?

If you are interested in selling web hosting services as a reseller but would prefer to keep your identity as a reseller hidden from your customers, it is essential to use a white-label reseller hosting solution.

White-label reseller hosting refers to a hosting service where the provider does not leave any branding mark on the services. This enables you, as the reseller, to present the hosting services as your own. This strategy helps to solidify your reputation as a legitimate web hosting company and create stronger connections with your clients.

Is reseller hosting profitable?

Starting a reseller hosting business could be a challenge in the beginning but it could become quite profitable over time. The majority of hosting customers tend to stick with a particular provider for an extended period, as long as the service remains stable and issues are minimal.

However, it is important to note that with a paid reseller hosting account, monthly payments are required regardless of sales. This highlights the need for a strong marketing plan and the dedication of time and skills to achieve success.

On the other hand, opting for a free Reseller Program eliminates the burden of monthly fees, making it easier to get started and generate actual profits from the very first sale. This option is recommended for newcomers entering the market.

What is the difference between shared hosting and reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting lets you manage multiple websites by renting server space from a hosting platform and reselling it to other clients.

The main difference from shared hosting is that reseller hosting offers separate control panels for each client, making it ideal for web developers, designers, or entrepreneurs who need independent management of their clients' websites.

In contrast, shared hosting stores your website on a shared server alongside other businesses' websites, giving you access to a single admin dashboard for all your websites.. This makes it suitable for individuals or small businesses with only a few websites to manage.

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I'm just astounded that such great reseller tools are coupled with such great services!
I could write poems about this service!!!

R. Petrucci

Always a pleasure to work with such a Top Shelf support team. Thanks again!

D. Safley

I just started and got 24 clients happy with the price and the service! Great help, great turnaround time on requests. thanks million times

M. Bashir

We have about 30 clients now, and are pleased to have two on your VPS platform which is performing very well.

S. Frangos

Your services are prompt and most professional and I am promoting your services to all of my valued customers, using web services.

S. Murray

You have made it easy for someone with very little hosting knowledge to create a viable business with great customer service!

T. Lord

I'm not one that normally gives much feedback but the patient's and professionalism that I've experienced here is (in my opinion) untouchable! Thanks ResellersPanel.

B. Roberts

The options and directions you could take are unlimited. Service and Support is truly impeccable. Thank You ResellersPanel!

Nick M.

It is really quite easy to setup and start the store. I have just started and hope to start selling in few hours.

C. Onditi

I have been a reseller for several years now and in my time played around with many different platforms, this is one of the best.

P. Toone

I'd like to say some good words about your reseller control panel. I hope you will continue to improve day by day. Good job guys!!! :D

D. Genev

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